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12 Days of Christmas: 12 Ways to gift your loved ones this festive season

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, we all know how stressful it is to get creative gift ideas for the entire family. Christmas should be a time we enjoy life’s simple pleasures as we participate in cherished traditions and enjoy gifts from loved ones. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves spending more than we can afford and using the following months to make up for it.

Following the traditional 12 days of Christmas, we have dedicated this post to providing you with insightful ideas on how to help your family in the long term. Here are 12 ways to support your loved ones this Christmas and into the New Year. We hope you find the ideas useful and remember, they don’t all have to be done at once…..you can plan ahead and schedule them over 2023!

1. Set up life assurance

On the first day of Christmas, why not take out life insurance if you have a mortgage? Not only will this help pay off any outstanding debts, but it will also save your family from a lot of unnecessary distress if you pass on before paying off the mortgage.

2. Updating your will and power of attorney

Gather your loved ones on the second day of Christmas and discuss estate planning. While you do not need to go into in-depth details about the entire process, you could inform the relevant family members of your intentions to update your will and power of attorney. FH Manning can provide guidance alongside your solicitor.

3. Organise and pay for funeral arrangements

On the third day of Christmas, you may opt to organise and pay for your funeral arrangements. We all know funerals can cost a fortune if not planned appropriately. Thus, why not save your loved ones the stress and worry by prepaying for your funeral arrangements? It will give your family peace of mind and save you the anxiety of wondering who will have to pay for all the funeral arrangements.

4. Finding a reputable financial planner or solicitor

On the fourth day of Christmas, gift your loved ones with a means of attaining their financial goals. Nothing communicates ‘I care about your future’ more than helping your loved ones become successful. Scheduling an appointment with a reputed financial planner or solicitor will aid in pointing them in the right direction.

5. Disclose your list of savings and investment pensions

On the fifth day of Christmas, you may also opt to disclose your list of savings and investment pensions to your close family members. This ensures that they know who to contact should anything happen to you.

6. Tell them where to find your passwords

On the sixth day of Christmas, disclose your passwords to a trusted family member. While we spend all our lives creating new passwords to hide our most prized possessions, you may choose to inform a close family member where they can find such passwords in the event of your untimely demise.

7. Pay off your debts

On the seventh day of Christmas, choose to leave your finances in order. This aids in making a difficult time easier to manage if you pass on.

8. Plan your estate to reduce tax

On the eighth day of Christmas, put in place an efficient estate planning strategy with the help of a reputed financial adviser. Not only will this secure your family’s future, but it will also reduce taxes paid on your estate.

9. Appointing a guardian

If you have children, the ninth day of Christmas could consist of you appointing a guardian to take responsibility for your kids if they become orphans before attaining the age of 18 years. As part of your estate planning journey, your financial services manager can help you in the process of appointing a responsible guardian for your kids.

10. Do everything on your bucket list

On the tenth day of Christmas, have some fun by being bold and enjoying your heart’s desires. Take this time to strike off activities on your bucket list. Whether it is skydiving, swimming with the dolphins, or visiting an exotic destination, take some time off your regular schedule and do something you have always wanted to do.

11. Disclose your final wishes to your family

On the eleventh day of Christmas, you may disclose your final wishes to your close family members. Although it may be a tough discussion, especially during Christmas, it can save your family from a stressful situation when your time comes. Whether you want to donate your organs or some of your wealth to charity, let it be known to them.

12. Tell your family you love them and create wonderful memories

On the twelfth day of Christmas and the rest of the year, always tell your loved ones how you love and appreciate them this Christmas. Since our time with them is not guaranteed, we should always take time to show them how we care by spending time with them and creating unforgettable memories.

Are you ready to secure the future of your family this Christmas? At FH Manning, we are ready to help you gift your loved ones with amazing presents they will remember forever. Make this year’s 12 days of Christmas count by performing affirmative actions to benefit your loved ones.

If you want to discuss further how to safeguard the future of your dear ones, contact Claire by emailing clm@fhmanning.co.uk. She will assist you on how to start the new year properly and achieve your financial goals.

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