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What are your plans for the future

and how will you pay for it? We all have dreams, things we would like to achieve during our lifetime.  What’s on your ‘bucket list’? Our initial discovery meetings always focus on what people are trying to get our of life.  This is the starting point for the development of every financial plan.  Often new Read More +

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You never know what’s around the corner.. be prepared 20 years ago I joined F H Manning to be part of the Investment team, researching shares and other investments as part of a discretionary mandate.  Today I spent 25% of my time doing research and the other 75% of my time meeting clients, discussing financial goals and lifestyle planning. 3 years Read More +

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Why should you save?

We are constantly being told it is important to save.  But why sacrifice the present for an unknown future? Saving is not just about having a pot of money for when you stop work.  Saving give you choices, flexibility and freedom.  Many people know that they want enough money accumulated to stop work at a Read More +

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