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We believe that time should be spent wisely; with family, with friends, having fun, running a business, running a marathon or whatever keeps you happy.

Ensuring you feel that your time is being well spent, this should not include worrying about what the future holds,  it should be about challenging yourself.  Partnering with us means that you will have someone else who understands you want to achieve,  who understands your vision and your dreams and genuinely wants to help you achieve them

When you come to our offices we want the experience to be special, to ensure that you walk out feeling better about yourself, more confident about the decisions you need to make and with a smile on your face. We want you to feel part of our team and we want to be part of yours.

Our staff are not trying to be better than everyone else, our staff are also trying to be the best version of themselves.  They want to use their technical training and their empathy for your situation to help you become the best version of yourself as well.

If you are the kind of person that wants to take control of your finances and the future of your family then we have a service that can help you. We can help you to save time and also challenge you to help you achieve your goals & objectives.

This business has been set on the path to help staff and clients achieve their dreams and we hope this will continue for generations to come.

Sometimes it’s just a case of demystifying…  Here is what Penny had to say after she asked us to help with her finances –

“I have always avoided meetings with financial advisers whenever possible and dreaded having to participate and then along came Claire with the new forecasting tool!  Her enthusiastic approach with this new tool has lifted the fog that previously clouded my comprehension of the facts and figures.  It has taken away my perhaps irrational fear and I no longer run in the opposite direction!  The combination of Claire and this new forecasting tool has been so helpful.”

For more information on how you can benefit from independent financial advice download our guide here +

Meet The Team


Managing Director

Having started with F H Manning in 1997 I am now a Chartered Financial Planner. I love listening to people’s stories, finding out what they’ve done and what they want to do. Helping people ‘see’ their future using our ‘crystal ball’ planning tool genuinely excites me.

Outside of work I have young children and during the recent lockdowns we have all found out that we have green fingers!

Working in the community is important to me and I am the Treasurer of a Community Group, a Trustee at Age UK Lindsey and contributor to the village newsletter.

Key Specialisms
> Advising business owners on ways to extract cash from their business in a tax efficient manner
> Supporting Directors and small pension owners with succession planning and exit strategies
> Saving owners time by working through issues to find solutions to problems and giving them a bit of their life back

Contact Details:

Email - clm@fhmanning.co.uk
Mobile - 07511 156440

Malcolm Wright

Senior Consultant

Having been employed by F H Manning since 1980 my whole career has been centred around this Company. Helping clients achieve their financial goals from the start of the business relationship is my driving force and why I love my job.

Outside of work I am a keen indoor and outdoor bowls club member and enjoy holidays in the Lake District and abroad.

Helping people in the community is important to me and I have been a Trustee of a Charity for the last 11 years providing financial support for people with financial hardship and helping pupils in higher education.

Key Specialisms
> Working with families to look at transfer of wealth down the generations in a tax efficient manner
> Tailoring financial plans to ensure as much as possible is passed to the next generation
> Protecting assets from Inheritance tax using Trusts, life assurance and qualifying investments

Contact Details:

Email - mw@fhmanning.co.uk
Mobile - 07511 156402

Cole Mills

Financial Adviser

A black coffee with one sugar; strong, sweet and effective – as is the coffee! Keen sportsman and gym enthusiast, enjoys good food and dropping the top in all weather conditions.

Key Specialisms
>Helping clients achieve the retirement income they desire
> Planning retirement with clients who are working to ensure they retire when they want, not when they can afford to
> Navigating clients through the maze of pension options before and leading up to retirement

Contact Details:

Email- cwgm@fhmanning.co.uk
Mobile - 07544 164628

Sam Robinson

Administration Support

My name is Sam. I've worked at FH Manning since 2015.
I am an animal lover, scrapbooker and reader.
I enjoy exercise but that doesn't outweigh my love of pizza, potatoes and most other carbs.

Julie Bark

Office Manager

I joined F H manning in December 1997 as a working Mum with 3 young daughters, initially working part time before becoming fulltime in 2005. My drink of choice in the office would be black tea or a nice fruity green tea – no coffee for me. Otherwise out of office hours a nice G&T will do just fine.

Lynda Groombridge


I joined F H Manning in February 2005 as a part time secretary. My office drink of choice is white coffee – out of office hours I enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio!
In my free time I enjoy going for long walks with my dog and catching up with friends for coffee and cake.

Our Process

Step 01

Discovery meeting

The initial meeting will be held at our offices, where you will meet one of our financial planners. There you will begin to get to know the people who will be there to support you for years to come.

We need to know how you got to where you are now and what your aspirations are for the future. We therefore have a frank and open discussion where we gather information about your story.

In order to prepare a financial plan we will need to understand your goals and identify any obstacles that may inhibit your path to success.

During this meeting there will no discussion on products or tax, the focus will be on you.

This meeting is at our cost because we understand that you need to feel comfortable discussing your personal affairs with a third party and this should not be done at your expense. All the team at FH Manning Financial Services are approachable and empathetic and we hope to demonstrate this to you at our meeting. It is a 2 way relationship, we need to be able to trust each other and as a result we get a great deal of personal satisfaction from knowing that we are genuinely making a difference.

Step 02

Creating a plan

After the initial discovery meeting our team will gather up to date information on any financial products you may already have, collate the data from the meeting and develop a plan, setting out in a visual way what your financial future looks like and incorporate some ‘What if’ scenarios.

Step 03

Planning meeting

At the second meeting we will review the plan which you will have had time to consider, ensuring the data is accurate and reviewing the contents.

Of most importance is the What If Scenarios. This could be where will you be in 5 years time or what happens if you cannot work, depending on your goals and aspirations.

Once we are all happy that the current position is clear we can then move on to agreeing the next steps, an action plan to get you to where you want to be.

Step 04


Using our technical expertise as Chartered Financial Planners we will develop a set of bespoke recommendations which may include financial products, Tax and Estate planning. Our tailored portfolios are all developed in house by a team headed up by the Investment Director using a well-defined and trusted investment process.

These will be presented to you in the form of a written report, in Plain English. We may work with other professional contacts you have, such as a solicitor or accountant, taking a holistic approach to developing your plan.

Step 05

Implementation meeting

By our third meeting we will all know exactly how we are going to progress towards achieving your goals.

At the meeting we will discuss the recommendations, any risks and how these steps will assist you in moving forward. All the necessary paperwork will be completed and an ongoing planning service will be agreed.

Step 06

Review meeting

Regardless of which ongoing service proposition is agreed, at least 1 meeting a year will be arranged. This is the opportunity to review the plan, discuss any changes to your circumstances and make any adjustments as well as having a good catch up.

This is also an opportunity for us to help you by reviewing and organising your paper records to ensure you are only keeping what is necessary.

Our Values

We are ‘people’ people

We are open and honest, approachable and empathetic

Long Term

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients


We want our clients to understand that they are as important to our business as our staff

Always Proactive

We are proactive, willing to bring new ideas to the business and clients alike

Client Focussed

We work hard to ensure the best outcomes for our clients


We are committed to this profession and the lifelong learning that it brings


Our Income Hierarchy spreadsheet is used in our planning meeting to decide who much income may be required in retirement.

Download it here +


If you are looking to take control of your finances then the first place to start is an income and expenditure analysis.

Download our worksheet here +


Our quarterly newsletter contains the latest information on insurance, investments and more.

Download it here +


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  • Estate planning

For a free appointment with one of our financial adviserscall us on 01507 527 383

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The Street Lamp, 8-12 South Street,
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