Are you working too hard?

How you will be remembered?

Most business people, and some employees, are guilty of working outside their standard hours.  For a variety of reasons we feel compelled to stay an extra hour or take work home. We think it will make life easier or keep our boss happy. Indeed, this article was written one evening while my husband was watching F1 practice sessions on TV!  I do however feel that my work life balance is OK (there is always room for improvement though).

What it is important to consider is the impact on your families and friends – they are part of your legacy.   The question you should all be asking as you sit at your office desk at 730 pm is how will your children, family and friends  remember you when you are no longer around (this could be sooner than you anticipate –  we are all well aware of the impact on our health of the stresses of long hours).   Will they say that you spent long  hours at work – a workaholic perhaps – or will they say that you were there to share experiences and have fun with?

It is worth thinking about whether the long hours will really make a difference to how you decide you have had a life well lived?  Being able to look to the future and seeing what the impact those extra hours will have on your lifestyle later in life is possible,  that is what our cash flow forecasting tools can do.  What the tool cannot do is tell when your time is up.  We have all known people whose lives have been cut short and they may well have said they wished they had done things differently.

Right here, right now we all have the chance to make to make a change.  Sometimes we just need someone else to show them what is possible.

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