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Winning at financial planning

..Own the process There’s a lot of talk about how England are doing so well in this World Cup.  Gareth Southgate has put it down to ‘owning the process’. It’s a familiar term in management but also applies to financial plans. A plan can only be deemed to be successful at the end. A financial Read More +

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What are your plans for the future

and how will you pay for it? We all have dreams, things we would like to achieve during our lifetime.  What’s on your ‘bucket list’? Our initial discovery meetings always focus on what people are trying to get our of life.  This is the starting point for the development of every financial plan.  Often new Read More +

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You never know what’s around the corner.. be prepared 20 years ago I joined F H Manning to be part of the Investment team, researching shares and other investments as part of a discretionary mandate.  Today I spent 25% of my time doing research and the other 75% of my time meeting clients, discussing financial goals and lifestyle planning. 3 years Read More +

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Why should you save?

We are constantly being told it is important to save.  But why sacrifice the present for an unknown future? Saving is not just about having a pot of money for when you stop work.  Saving give you choices, flexibility and freedom.  Many people know that they want enough money accumulated to stop work at a Read More +

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Are you working too hard?

How you will be remembered? Most business people, and some employees, are guilty of working outside their standard hours.  For a variety of reasons we feel compelled to stay an extra hour or take work home. We think it will make life easier or keep our boss happy. Indeed, this article was written one evening Read More +

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How to write a financial plan – Part 2

how to get to where you are going Financial Planning is a bit like booking a holiday.  You know where you are, you know where you want to get to, now you need to work out how to get there. Some people spend hours online researching and doing it themselves (and that is fine).  They Read More +

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How to write a financial plan – Part 3

…no not part 2 – that comes later! Like every good story, a Financial Plan has a beginning, a middle and an end.  I have never written a book but I would imagine that writers don’t necessarily write in that order, and that is the same with a financial plan. Having followed step 1 and Read More +

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How to write a financial plan – Part 1

Understand your current position A financial plan will provide you with a clear picture of where you are currently and where you are heading.  It will make all financial decisions easier because you will understand what the impact will be in the longer term. The process of creating a financial plan will involve thinking about Read More +

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Financial advice versus financial planning

I recently read an interesting article by an American Financial Planner.  She had met a lady who, despite her reasonable salary, never had any money left at the end of the month and had no savings.  The Planner talked to her about why she thought that was and it transpired that as a child her Read More +

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I’m late, I’m late..

… for a very important date (5th April) As the end of the tax year approaches we always get a number of enquiries about pension contributions, ISA investments and other tax planning strategies. With the vast array of tax planning opportunities available, particularly for small business owners and higher rate tax payers time is needed Read More +

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