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Five Reasons Why We Should Trust Financial Advisers Over AI With Our Financial Investments

Technology and artificial intelligence advancements have transformed how we manage investments today. For a long time, the financial service industry has sought to automate its processes, ranging from back-end compliance to customer services. Artificial intelligence (AI) unleashes immense computational power and the ability to analyse vast amounts of data, reshaping the realm of financial advice Read More +

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What does the Autumn Statement mean for me?

Announced on 22nd November, the Autumn Statement was the Government’s opportunity to provide insights into the UK’s current economic position and provide a roadmap for the next few months, particularly as we head towards a UK General Election.  The general assessment was that the economy has improved and demonstrated a degree of resilience but that Read More +

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FH Manning Financial Services launches new service proposition for business owners and directors!

When it comes to financial planning, business owners and company directors often let important issues slip through the cracks. While highly experienced and motivated in their professional realm, high-level executives simply don’t have enough time to focus on their own financial well-being. This often leads to poor choices and missed opportunities. That’s why we made Read More +

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FH Manning Financial Services wins ‘Heart of the Wolds’ award!

Here at FH Manning Financial Services, we are thrilled and honoured to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious ‘Heart of the Wolds’ award! This recognition means so much to our dedicated team and is testament to the ethical values we hold dear. The Heart of the Wolds Business Awards celebrate businesses across the Read More +

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A day in the life of a financial adviser by Cole Mills

It is a fine Tuesday morning in Lincolnshire. Following a final swig of coffee I leave the house and head to the office. A 20-minute drive through the heart of the Wolds, passing Cadwell Park on the A153, a road notorious for its snowdrop flowers and featured on one of Jeremy Clarkson’s programs. On that Read More +

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Supporting our community

According to Winston Churchill, although we can make a living from what we get, we must give to live a worthy life. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Giving is key to bettering society and ensuring the neediest have access to essential resources. FH Manning Financial Services is well acquainted with charitable acts and Read More +

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3 Prime Ministers in 10 Weeks Wrecks Havoc in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) has been experiencing severe political turmoil in the last 10 weeks as they have had 3 different people go through the prime minister’s office. Unfortunately, things are far from settling down for the people of the UK as turmoil stretches beyond the economy and reaches into other parts of people’s daily Read More +

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Financial Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday

Christmas is just around the corner. A time to celebrate family, experience simple joys, indulge in tradition, and embrace in the spirit of giving. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to give a bit more than you’re able, and end up spending months compensating for the overspending. Giving gifts to your loved one’s feels good, and Read More +

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Not all paths lead to Gold…

I know that times are tough right now. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been forced to tighten our belts and monitor our investments more closely. Stocks have been on a turbulent ride these past few months, and the cost of basic goods and services has gone through the roof. Read More +

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5 Reasons NOT to PANIC about the Impact of Coronavirus on your Investments

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, many investors are growing increasingly concerned, not just about their health and that of their families, but about the impact the virus could have on their finances. Fears about the spread of the virus and its impact have already caused the stock market to Read More +

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