Do You Know Who to Turn To When….

Life is filled with unexpected challenges. You may, with no warning at all, find yourself facing unexpected circumstances: job loss, changing jobs, moving house, having children, and more. Often, you may find yourself dealing with circumstances you never had to anticipate.

Do you know who to turn to when you face those issues in your own life?

An Experienced Financial Advisor Can Help

As a financial advisor, you get a window into people’s lives that not many others are privy to. Many financial advisors have the opportunity to genuinely connect with their clients on a more personal level. They see aspects of people’s lives that others might not have a window in to on a daily basis. Consider how an experienced financial advisor can provide support in the middle of some of these situations.

Job loss. Many people have faced job loss as a result of COVID-19: in fact, joblessness has soared by more than 70% across the UK due to shutdowns and other challenges. What are your options for maintaining some sense of financial stability during this time? How should you juggle your bills or your debts as you face increasingly difficult circumstances? A financial advisor can help set you up for success, including helping you understand options for assistance and support.

Job changes. You may have found a new job after losing your previous one or elected to change jobs as a result of challenges faced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. An experienced financial advisor can help you navigate that change, including preparing for a period when you may have less income, adjusting your budget to meet your new needs, and more.

Loss of a family member. Losing a family member at any time is traumatic, but in the midst of the pandemic and associated shutdowns, losing a family member may leave you adrift. How should you handle your family member’s last financial obligations? How can you protect yourself financially? A financial advisor can guide you through those difficult times.

Moving house. Moving can prove incredibly expensive, especially moving in the midst of pandemic concerns. A financial advisor can help you both save money during your move and prepare your finances for the obligations associated with your new home.

Having children. Children bring with them a number of challenges and financial obligations. A financial advisor can help you prepare for the impact adding to your family makes on your budget as well as offering critical financial advice that can make it easier for you to prepare for your children’s future.

Nearing retirement. Are your finances ready for retirement? Do you know what changes you need to make to your spending in order to accommodate your retirement? Are you really ready to retire, or do you need to make other changes before you reach that critical juncture? A financial advisor can help prepare you for that shift.

Do You Need Advice to Help You During This Time?

When you’re dealing with substantial questions, we can help! Contact FH Manning today for the opportunity to have a genuine conversation, not just about your financial needs, but about how to navigate many of the challenges you’re facing during this period. As financial advisors, we have the chance to see the details of many people’s lives in ways that others simply do not. We are also able to provide resources that have helped many past clients–and can help you–navigate troubling circumstances.

During this crisis, we are offering free advisory services to help our clients get a better idea of what they need to do next, whether that’s shifting investments, increasing savings, or navigating the challenges associated with job loss. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer and how it can benefit you.

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