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FH Manning Financial Services launches new service proposition for business owners and directors!

When it comes to financial planning, business owners and company directors often let important issues slip through the cracks. While highly experienced and motivated in their professional realm, high-level executives simply don’t have enough time to focus on their own financial well-being. This often leads to poor choices and missed opportunities.

That’s why we made a decision to launch a financial planning service tailored specifically for business owners and company directors. Since these professionals stand out as a special category, they require a highly customised approach.

With our business owner support services, you can focus on growing and developing your business without worrying about your personal financial strategy.

Company Directors and Business Owners Support Services

The new services designed specifically for busy business owners and company directors include:

Future Planning

As a business owner, you need to consider your future after leaving the company. Our future planning service includes extensive consultations related to exit strategies and succession planning.

A well-planned succession plan or exit strategy can ensure a smooth transition that doesn’t just keep the business stable but also maintains your financial health. The earlier you start planning the process, the fewer disruptions you will face along the way.

Tax Planning

Tax planning for company directors can be complicated due to multiple nuances that bring personal and business taxes together. Our tax planning service includes:

Tailored advice from tax professionals
Advice on tax-efficient cash extractions from the business
Access to self-invested and small self-administered schemes to facilitate commercial property purchase with a self-invested personal pension (SIPP)
Alongside your accountant, we can coordinate tax recommendations to maximise the efficiency of your business tax planning, alongside your personal position.

The FH Manning team arranges annual meetings tailored toward the end of the financial year to provide valuable end-of-the-year tax planning advice.

Pension Planning

Pensions for company directors require a complicated and well-thought-out approach. Limitations and implications which may only apply to higher earners must be taken into account.

We help you navigate the complexity of contributions by the company to your pension fund, as well as take additional action to optimise your pension planning process.

Professional Financial Advice

Financial planning for business owners involves multiple aspects that often get overlooked. Our new business owners’ support services include financial consultations that cover:

Cash management – advice on cash management for the business to simplify your asset base
Business protection – advice on protection for cross-options agreements and director protection
Second opinion – second opinion services that can help you get a broader perspective of any aspect of your financial planning journey.
At FH Manning, we understand that your personal financial well-being is closely intertwined with the success of your business.

Our financial advisors will provide regular advice on your personal investments and pensions. They will help ensure that your financial goals align with your business objectives.

Our team will also help you navigate complex investment options, retirement planning, and other personal financial matters that contribute to your financial security.

Why Consider FH Manning’s Business Owner Support Services

Since you are contributing the majority of your time to keeping your business ahead of the competition, your own financial matters may not be getting sufficient attention.

By taking advantage of our financial support services, time-pressed business owners gain an opportunity to take care of their financial future without going deep into complex details. This gives you more time to focus on supporting your company.

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