Claire Markham with Heart of the Wolds Business Award

FH Manning Financial Services wins ‘Heart of the Wolds’ award!

Here at FH Manning Financial Services, we are thrilled and honoured to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious ‘Heart of the Wolds’ award! This recognition means so much to our dedicated team and is testament to the ethical values we hold dear.

The Heart of the Wolds Business Awards celebrate businesses across the Lincolnshire Wolds region that prioritise ethical practices and inclusive employment principles. As a firm that puts our clients, community, and environment at the heart of everything we do, we are delighted to be amongst this year’s esteemed winners.

Claire Markham, Managing Director at FH Manning, said: “Winning the Heart of the Wolds award is wonderful recognition of our sustained efforts to run an ethical, caring and community-driven business. Our team works tirelessly not only to provide trusted financial advice, but also to proactively support initiatives that benefit our local community. This award validates that our dedication to responsible business practices has not gone unnoticed, and will motivate us to keep aiming high.”

While awards are not the motivation behind our work, it is always nice when your efforts are recognised and endorsed by others. We do not take this accolade lightly – it is a responsibility to continue upholding the values of ethical business, environmental awareness, and community enrichment that have earned us this fantastic recognition.

About the Heart of the Wolds Awards

The Heart of the Wolds Awards were launched in 2021 by the Wolds business community itself. The intention is to recognise businesses across Northern Lincolnshire who are conscious of their social and environmental impact, and actively make a positive difference through their operations.

There are several categories including Sponsorship, Developing Young People, Customer Service, Ethical Business Practice, Green Champion and more. Assessment criteria focus on initiatives undertaken in areas such as sustainability, ethical trading, diversity and inclusion, and supporting other businesses or charities.

As winners of the main award – Heart of the Wolds – we are humbled to be considered an exemplary responsible business amongst the region’s diverse and talented enterprises.

Claire said: “We have always aimed to demonstrate ethical leadership and make a positive impact beyond our core services. The awareness raised by awards like this help reinforce that operating responsibly and supporting your community should be priorities for any business.”

Supporting the Wolds Community

One of the main criteria for the Heart of the Wolds award is supporting and giving back to our local community here in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Enriching the lives of those around us has always been important to us at FH Manning.

Over the years, we have been dedicated supporters of various charities and community initiatives across the region.

Most notably, our work with the Ralph Parish Foundation has so far provided over tens of thousands in grants to advance the education of pupils at secondary schools and for pupils leaving such secondary schools to enter higher education and continuing therein and the relief of financial hardship by making grants of money for providing of paying for items, services or facilities within East Lindsey District Council.

Alongside our charitable work, we also aim to operate sustainably as a business. From recycling office waste to using recycled paper and considering the environmental impact of our investments, we understand the importance of being a responsible business.

Trusted Financial Planning

While this award recognises our efforts in the local community, our primary purpose remains providing trusted financial planning and advice to our clients. We have established a strong reputation for personalised service, supported by our expert team.

It is extremely rewarding to know our clients hold our advice and service in such high regard. For the last three years, Claire has been awarded the status of a ‘Vouched For’ top rated adviser with a 5 star rating and outstanding feedback. This is testament to our consultative approach and focus on understanding clients’ unique circumstances in order to deliver tailored financial strategies that provide security and peace of mind.

Here at FH Manning Financial Services we specialise in:

  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Pensions for Company Directors

Our advisers take the time to fully understand your specific financial circumstances, goals and attitude towards risk before making any recommendations. We spend time listening and learning about your situation to ensure we can provide bespoke financial planning tailored to your individual needs and priorities.

In retirement planning, we help clients make the most of their pension savings and other assets to achieve a fulfilling retirement that provides long-term financial security. From pension consolidations to income drawdown strategies and annuity advice, we provide guidance on optimising your retirement income.

With investment advice, our expert team will assess your risk appetite, capacity for loss and investment timeframe to construct a well-diversified portfolio aligned to your objectives. We have experience managing portfolios across a wide range of assets including equities, bonds, property and alternatives. Ongoing reviews help adapt your investments in line with changing market conditions and life circumstances.

For inheritance tax planning, we have extensive knowledge of strategies to mitigate unnecessary tax liabilities. Our inter-generational planning looks at passing wealth efficiently to the next generation through measures like discretionary trusts, gifting and using tax allowances.

While major financial decisions can be intimidating, our friendly team aims to provide clarity on your options in an understandable way. We are on hand to answer your questions at every step and collaborate to develop a financial plan that secures your future.

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We are extremely proud of the continued recognition received for both our financial planning expertise and contribution to the local community. The ‘Heart of the Wolds’ award will motivate us even further to uphold responsible practices and maintain the highest standards for our clients.

If you need specialist advice on investments, retirement, estate planning or any aspect of your financial life, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and discover how we can help you meet your money goals and achieve financial security.

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