Advice for post retirement

Throughout our many years of helping clients with their finances there are a number of ‘ age related’ questions we have been asked on a regular basis. We strongly believe there is no question too small. They are all relevant…and if they are relevant to you they are important to us and our ability to help you. We have therefore categorised a few of the most common questions which we hope you find helpful.

However, if you are anxious or confused about your financial future feel free to book a free consultation here.

Many people want to help out their children and see them enjoy it.  Part of our role is to play ‘devils advocate’ and challenge your thinking to ensure that you do not sacrifice your lifestyle or future to make life easier for your children.  Making gifts can be very tax efficient in the long term but it could impact on your finances to support your care in later life.

You will need to consider who you wish to benefit in your Will and ensure it is set up correctly.  Wills and planning your legacy carefully can ensure your beneficiaries are not left with complicated affairs to deal with at a time of bereavement as well as reducing the burden of Inheritance Tax.