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FH Manning Financial Services Wins Awards for Excellent Customer Service

September 2021

FH Manning Financial Services director, Claire Markham, won the VouchedFor top-rated financial advisors award for 2021, while the firm was among the winners of TED’s Age-Friendly Business Award for 2021. The two awards are testament to the firm’s commitment to providing excellent and inclusive financial services to its customers. The two awards are given annually and attract interest from some of the largest financial services providers in the UK.

VouchedFor Top Rated Financial Advisers in the UK

The VouchedFor award goes to the top 20 firms or advisers who qualified based on the review agency’s stringent criteria. The award is open to firms of all sizes, from one-person consultancies to national organisations. VouchedFor allows financial advisers to qualify individually or as part of a branded financial consultancy. Participants are required to invite all their clients without cherry picking.

For firms or advisors to qualify for the award they must:
•    demonstrate commitment to excellence by regularly inviting their clients to leave a review on the VouchedFor website
•    agree to a VouchedFor audit to ensure that they have invited reviews from all non-exempt clients
•    prove that the clients are engaged with their business by achieving a high response rate on the review invitations
•    demonstrate that they have satisfied customers by achieving a high average rating

VouchedFor provides a tangible way for customer-focused firms and advisors to demonstrate their desire to improve their clients’ financial security and wealth. The firms or advisors who win the award manifest exceptional commitment to building trust and transparency with their customers. They all received excellent reviews from their clients. Claire Markham of FH Manning Financial Services got a rating of 4.9/5 from 54 reviews.

Age-friendly Business Award

TED’s Age-Friendly Business Award goes to firms that provide excellent service and environment to older customers. It gives customers confidence that their financial adviser is committed to ensuring that older customers are satisfied with the quality of financial services they get.

How the Age-Friendly Business Award Works

1.    The participating firm must directly apply or get a recommendation from a customer to apply for the award.
2.    Firms can register or get a nomination by contacting the TED Team.
3.    After registration or nomination, the TED Team will communicate with the business and discuss the criteria for fulfilling the requirements.
4.    TED will then book a meeting to visit the firm’s premises to assess its operations and customer service.
5.    Upon the completion of the assessment, the evidence is submitted to the TED Program Manager for a comprehensive and objective assessment.
6.    A TED Team member will then inform the firm of the results and any recommendations.
7.    Winning firms are presented with a TED Age-Friendly Business Award certificate and a window sticker that they can display at their offices.

The award team assesses firms for:
•    Customer comfort
•    Respect and inclusion
•    Accessibility
•    Clear marketing and communication

TED’s age-friendly business accreditation is a recognition that the business values older customers and promotes a positive view of ageing.

About FH Manning Financial Services

FH Manning Financial Services is a financial consultancy based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire and provides professional financial advice to individuals, trustees and corporate clients. The firm has being in the financial advisory business for over 40 years and has a reputation for building long-term relationships with clients based on transparency and mutual trust. Their services include estate planning, lifestyle planning, family planning and retirement planning.

FH Manning is very proud and humbled to receive these awards, especially the VouchedFor award, as it is only given to top-rated companies as rated by their clients’ reviews.  If you would like to have a chat about your personal financial affairs over a cup of coffee, please feel free to contact Claire at

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