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IFA celebrates 20 years advising local clients

November 2017

Claire Markham of F H Manning Financial Services Limited is celebrating 20 years of working in the financial services industry and being based at the Horncastle Office.

In November 1997 Claire approached the independent financial advisors looking to advance her career. Today she oversees the office Investment Proposition and is the Pension Transfer specialist, having taken her Investment Management Certificate & Pension Transfer exams.

She advises personal clients as well as pension funds, Trusts and Charities. Asked about her plans for the future, Claire said ‘IFAs need to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment. I hope that by my 21st anniversary I will be qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner with the CharteredInsurance Institute.’

Malcolm Wright, Managing Director of F H Manning, who has also served 37 years with the company said ‘Claire is great to work with. In a small office people have to work well together and our clients often comment about the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We hope to add to the team as part of our long term growth strategy and Claire will be a key driver in the Company development.


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