Planning your day

Small wins, every day

I know what it is like, walking into the office on a Monday to a desk that looks like a paper factory.  It is not a great start to the week and before the phone has even rang you feel like you are going to have an uphill struggle.

2 years we introduced a clear desk policy, before anyone leaves the office any files are put away and paperwork sorted.  It means you might have to set aside 10 minutes at the end of each day to achieve this but you will save this time the following day by simply feeling more organised.  From a data security point of view it also means that confidential information is stored in a locked room.

Taking it a step further I take 10 minutes on a Friday to plan the next week, writing in times when appointments have been arranged and working out what the rest of each day will look like.  By doing this I know at 9am each day what a successful day is going to look like.  I can also gives clients a realistic time frame of when their financial plan or report may be ready.

It is sometimes the little things that can make all the difference and having a plan will always help.

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