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Supporting our community

According to Winston Churchill, although we can make a living from what we get, we must give to live a worthy life. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Giving is key to bettering society and ensuring the neediest have access to essential resources.

FH Manning Financial Services is well acquainted with charitable acts and their effects on society. That is why we are dedicated to supporting our community and giving back whenever possible. My name is Claire Markham, the Managing Director, and I’m about to explain how we do that.

The Ralph Parrish Foundation

The Ralph Parrish Foundation is a charity that offers educational grants to people facing financial difficulties. It caters to residents of the East Lindsey District Council. It was created when a client of ours left a legacy to a charity he set up during his lifetime. Our former Managing Director advised Mr. Parrish during his lifetime and continues to be an active Trustee.

The foundation made secondary and higher education more than just a pipe dream for many needy students. Ralph’s grants also cover other crucial expenses, including school uniforms, transportation costs, mobility scooters, and educational materials.

FH Manning Financial Services advises the Ralph Parrish Foundation and gives it the fuel it needs to serve those in need. Visit our website to find out more. Please feel free to scroll through the testimonies; they are proof of the charity’s indispensability to the community.

Charity Referral Program

For the past 18 months, our company has run a community referral program whose sole purpose is to make a difference. This is how it works: if you refer a client to FH Manning Financial Services, our firm will donate £50 to a charity of your choice. Sounds wonderful, right?

And we take our referral program seriously because we know every contribution is crucial. So many people need a helping hand. Would you like to help with our cause? Refer a client today.

My Commitment to the Wider Community

My position as the managing director has allowed me to serve the community in different ways. For instance, I’m:

  • A Trustee of Age UK Lindsey

Age UK Lindsey is an independent local charity dedicated to improving the affairs of older people and promoting their well-being.

This charity operates in East Lindsey, and I’m lucky enough to be one of its trustees. Together with my fellow trustees and other members, we work tirelessly to ensure that older adults who struggle financially, have long-term health issues, or are lonely have access to much-needed support.

  • The Treasure of a Community Group

Community groups work for the benefit of the public. They are a conduit through which participants ensure that society is well-run and organised. Some go a long way in providing the support that many individuals need to feel good about themselves and enjoy improved overall well-being.

Since I have extensive experience in financial matters, I’ve been appointed the treasurer of a local community group, a position I relish.

  • A Contributor to the Village Newsletter

Last but not least, I also contribute to the local village newsletter. What does that have to do with supporting our community?

In this newsletter, I provide readers with financial tips, with a particular focus on supporting people who perhaps would not access financial advice. I have written on encouraging children to save, ways to reduce debt, and what a workplace pension scheme is. By doing so, I hope to make advice more accessible to all.

The Rest of Our Team

Our staff members take part in several charitable pursuits. Each year we participate in Elf Day for the Dementia Society and Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children. We also use our window to display knitted mini hats, which raise money for Age UK alongside Innocent Smoothies.

Do You Know Anyone Who Needs Help?

As mentioned earlier, FH Manning Financial Services manages the Ralph Parrish Foundation. With that in mind, if you know someone in East Lindsey who needs educational grants, tell them to download the application from our official website.

After filling it out, they can save it as a file and share it with us or print and post it to the included mailing address. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing our support within our local community and further afield.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or would like to come in for an informal chat over a coffee.

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