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Taking the First Step to Financial Freedom and Discovering a New Way of Life 

Our very own financial advisor, Claire Markham has been working diligently with Mrs. A to help her achieve financial freedom for a new way of life. It’s never too late to turn your life around! The first step is to be willing to discuss your finances. The subject of finances is taboo, but it’s necessary to build a solid financial future.  

A professional financial advisor will take an all encompassing view of your financial situation which is a very valuable asset. Mrs. Markham was able to provide direction and clarity as the client took a step back from her current situation. It was necessary to access the current finances she had in place and put a plan together to help her achieve the ambitions of the future. Take a look at the outcome for Mrs. A below. 

The Challenges of Getting On Track Financially

There are a few challenges our clients face, but our team of financial experts are dedicated to getting a resolution. For example, one of the most common challenges our clients face is gathering information to put together a plan. In fact, it’s also hard for many clients to define what to expect from the creation of a financial plan with a financial advisor. Many find it hard to verbalise what they want to achieve and sharing these details with a stranger can be difficult. Take a look at these important financial case study statistics:

• 92% are happier with stable finances (https://bit.ly/3mOma76)
• 67% feel financially secure with a financial advisor (https://bit.ly/3mOma76)
• 85% feel they’re headed in the right direction with a financial advisor (https://bit.ly/3mOma76)
• 34% will regret making financial decisions without seeking assistance from a financial advisor first (https://bit.ly/3oRv8Cl)
• only 8% actually seek help from a financial advisor (https://bit.ly/3oRv8Cl)
• pension pots were 50% larger for people that utilised financial assistance versus those that only sought advice once (https://bit.ly/3jRc5ED)

The statistics show, more people achieved financial freedom when they have the help of a financial advisor. 

The Outcome of Achieving Financial Success

Mrs. A originally visited FH Manning Financial Services in 2018. Our client wanted to know what products were available, when and how to access them, and general financial planning opportunities. Our field of experts were prepared to put our Lifestyle Planning Service to work to help Mrs. A reach financial freedom. We understand what it means for professionals to be cash rich, but time poor. Most people have a general grasp of their finances, but no specialist knowledge and that’s where we come in at FH Manning Financial Services. 

We traced the clients overseas pensions, talked in depth about what she expected for her ideal scenario, and worked out a financial plan that could be completed if at all possible with the dedication of the client. As a result of the financial plan set forth for Mrs. A, she handed in her notice, started her own business, and moved house. Her financial progress did not occur overnight, but it was made possible with successful planning to fit her unique lifestyle goals. She was advised on how to balance her finances now and save for later. We’re proud to say the outcome for this client was a success and our goal is to achieve the same long-term success for each client we serve. 

Why wait another day to set the course for your financial future? The earlier you seek financial advice, the better the outcome. The monetary investment you make into a financial advisor today will be a lifeline for your finances tomorrow. 

Call 01507 527 383 or email Claire Markham clm@fhmanning.co.uk to discuss your finances and start your path to financial freedom today! 

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