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Three Essential Questions Answered Through Lifestyle Planning Services

Engaging in good, solid financial planning practices with the help of an experienced financial adviser is essential in order to meet all of your long-term financial goals. What happens when you connect all of your smaller financial goals into one big, comprehensive picture, creating a kind of road map for the future? Integrating your financial goals into your everyday life and translating your wealth into a way of living is called “lifestyle planning services.” Thinking holistically about your wealth and taking a big-picture view of your financial strategy yields answers to three of life’s most important financial questions.

How Can I Ensure I Have Enough Money to Maintain My Lifestyle?

The question of lifestyle is important and often overlooked when people consider their finances. When plotting out their financial stability, most people get caught up thinking about the bottom line, the bare minimum they will need to be able to live. For true financial health to take root, you also need to think about your current lifestyle and identify what you spend your money on outside the essentials like food and housing. Are there hobbies, leisure activities, or social obligations that may require an ongoing expenditure? Lifestyle planning services take into account all the smaller components that make your life worth living and helps you develop a plan to sustain them.

More importantly, lifestyle planning services also help you focus on achieving the lifestyle that you want. Our financial planners can help you set the benchmarks necessary to achieve your ideal life, and then we provide accountability through periodic checkups and as-needed consultations.

When Will I Be Able to Retire?

Long-term stability and a healthy, happy retirement is the ultimate goal of any financial planning scenario. Retirement represents a radical change in lifestyle though. Your overall goal is to make sure that your expenditures don’t outpace your income. For that, you need to plot a wise financial course beginning as early as possible. Setting challenging but achievable goals in conjunction with your lifestyle planning service adviser is essential in leveraging your wealth to retire successfully. To that effect, retirement planning and lifestyle planning go hand in hand.

The core question of any retirement strategy is “What kind of lifestyle do you anticipate once you stop working?” This involves communicating to your financial adviser a clear vision of what success personally means to you. From there, your financial adviser can create a bespoke portfolio tailored to your exact situation, income, and desired lifestyle after retirement. With aggressive but achievable goals, and constant oversight and assistance from our professional team, you can anticipate when you’ll be financially ready for retirement and set that date yourself!

How much do I need to sell my business for?

There’s an added level of financial complexity for small business owners looking to plot their lifestyle after retirement. The important question is “Who will take over my business once I’m done?” If you’re a small business owner, your lifestyle planning service should take careful effort to fully address your business transition plan at retirement. There’s value in what you do and what you’ve built; make sure to valuate your company correctly in order to get the most out of your efforts. A financial adviser can help you to form a logical plan to segue from business owner to retiree, setting the right price on your life’s work without leaving money on the table.

The Lifestyle You Want, Well Within Reach

Lifestyle Planning Service  isn’t just about managing what you have; it’s also about getting where you want to be. With a proactive outlook, challenging but achievable goals, and frequent consultation with your financial advisor, the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of in retirement is well within your reach. Please contact Claire at clm@fhmanning.co.uk to start realizing your future lifestyle right now.

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