Santa having a cup of Tea with his Elf helper

Where Would Father Christmas Be Without the Help of His Little Elves?

Every year, Father Christmas accomplishes the impossible: delivering toys to children all around the world in a single night. He maintains a magical list that tells him whether children are being naughty or nice, chooses the perfect gift for each child, and creates and wraps those gifts for all the good children around the world.

While Father Christmas gets all the credit, he would never be able to accomplish all those tasks without his little elves. Those elves are the magic behind the scenes: the toy makers; the organizers; the ones who ensure that the sleigh is loaded and everything is ready for Father Christmas’s big night. Like those elves, the team behind the scenes at FH Manning provides its current clients with the incredible support and services they need to accomplish their financial goals, not just during the holiday season, but all year long. Ready to meet the team?


Claire is a Chartered Financial Planner with years of experience within the sector. She’s been helping clients reach their financial goals since 1997. Whether she’s preparing a chat over a cup of coffee or working to provide clients with the incredible advice they need to accomplish their financial goals, she’s at the top of her game for all of her clients.


Malcolm has been working with FH Manning clients since 1980. With more than three decades of experience to bring to the table, he provides valuable financial advice that have helped many clients retire with sufficient funds to enjoy their twilight years.

The Elves Behind the Scenes

Claire and Malcolm are only part of the team. Everyone at FH Manning is part of the same incredible community – one pulled together by a common vision and purpose. Each member of the team, like the elves, has an important role to play as they work together to accomplish that common vision. Their efforts have, over the years, offered substantial support for clients as they focus on:

Short, medium, and long-term financial support. When you set up your finances, you have to be able to look at the big picture – and the team at FH Manning excels at providing a look at all the important details as they come together. The team has a goal of helping clients meet both their immediate goals and the longer-term ones, whether that means sending a child off to college with a great financial start or purchasing a home for the first time.

Helping clients better understand their goals and deadlines. Everyone needs a little help, support, and guidance along the way. At FH Manning, it’s not just about a black and white look at the numbers. It’s also about understanding how those numbers interact with the bigger-picture dreams and goals of their clients. Often, you will discover that you have the funds you need to accomplish those goals, perhaps even faster than you originally thought; but you may need a little extra help to help you reach them, especially if you’re short on time and struggling to put together the necessary research or investments.

At FH Manning, everyone pulls together to help clients meet those big-picture goals – just like the elves as they hurry to help Father Christmas reach the greater goal of delivering toys to children around the world at Christmas time. Are you ready to learn more about how FH Manning can help you reach your financial goals? Discovering how those goals have changed as the years have passed? Contact Claire at to arrange to have a chat over a coffee in the New Year and get your finances heading in the right direction.

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