Why you should have Financial Planner..

you’ll get more out of it than you think.

There are many reasons why building a relationship with a Financial Planner can be beneficial.  Of course there are financial reasons but there are other rather more important areas where you can benefit.

As part of the process of getting to know a client we like to understand how they got to where they are, what drives them and where they are heading in life – how they will judge they have succeeded in  life. To do this we ask clients to share their thoughts and feelings as well as their goals.  We sometimes play devils advocate along the way to bring out a clients true feelings.  We often uncover things they had perhaps not consciously thought about before.  In doing this we really do know our clients well and build long term relationships with them.

Advisers are friendly, confident and approachable and have far more to give than just their technical expertise.  They have a wide circle of contacts – professional and personal.  These people may well benefit from knowing each other and the adviser can act as an intermediary.

As an example, as part of a review meeting with clients I found out that their son was buying a plot of land overseas to set up a vinyard.  This was nothing to do with the review but part of the general conversation which forms the basis of every meeting in the office.   I have another client who is a consultant in the wine industry and with the permission of both parties they are now getting in touch.  I hope that they both gain from this connection they would not have made without me knowing beyond their finances.

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