Winning at financial planning

..Own the process

There’s a lot of talk about how England are doing so well in this World Cup.  Gareth Southgate has put it down to ‘owning the process’. It’s a familiar term in management but also applies to financial plans.

A plan can only be deemed to be successful at the end. A financial plan therefore can only be successful when it is too late to do anything about it so consequently it is more important to take ownership of your plan. Perhaps you even need to start by making a plan in the first place. Decide where you want to be in 5,10, 35 years time. What will success look like? For Gareth it would be seeing his team lift the Joules Remy cup. For you it might be a dream home, seeing the children settled and on the housing ladder, or perhaps something more adventurous .

A plan has to be realistic and achievable which is why many people don’t even have a financial plan, because they don’t know what is achievable, there are too many uncertainties along the way.

As I am sure you have already guessed we advocate using a professional to assist in the process. Like Gareth Southgate a professional manager will help you and your ‘team’ take charge of the plan, to truly own it. They will help you decide what success looks like and how you will get there.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the manager doesn’t care, that they are only doing it for the pay packet. When you have a job you truly believe it it goes beyond money. The job satisfaction from seeing a plan work is worth more .


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