You never know what’s around the corner.. be prepared

20 years ago I joined F H Manning to be part of the Investment team, researching shares and other investments as part of a discretionary mandate.  Today I spent 25% of my time doing research and the other 75% of my time meeting clients, discussing financial goals and lifestyle planning.

3 years ago I would have lost sleep over going to a networking event and presenting in front of a room of people.  Today I sat in front of a camera to do a video presentation for our new website.

People develop and things move on and as a business person the best thing to do is be prepared and adaptable.  In this technological revolution things move fast and by having plans in place we can be prepared to move quickly to maximise any opportunity which arises.

Our robust financial plans allows our clients to quickly ‘see’ how a change will impact clients long term financial futures.  This could be a business opportunity requiring capital or even investment in our children’s futures through university fees.  Once you can ‘see’ the impact making a decision can be far easier.

It is never too late to start looking at your finances in a holistic manner and a financial planner who understands the challenges you face is a great place to start.

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