What are your plans for the future

and how will you pay for it?

We all have dreams, things we would like to achieve during our lifetime.  What’s on your ‘bucket list’?

Our initial discovery meetings always focus on what people are trying to get our of life.  This is the starting point for the development of every financial plan.  Often new clients are surprised that this is the first thing we want to hear about.  They don’t expect us to be thinking that far ahead. We talk about their hobbies and what they have done in the past to really understand what gets them up in the morning.  They come to us wanting to use their ISA allowance but when we ask them why sometimes they don’t have an immediate answer, perhaps because no one has ever asked them before.

Answers have varied from buying a property on the Devon coast to sailing around the world for 2 years.  But it doesn’t have to be as grand as that.  For some people taking all the family on a holiday or buying a new caravan is what they are aiming for.

Whatever it is, with a plan in place and realistic expectations, we can help people get there.  We can often help them achieve things they never believed would be possible.  Like the lady who had always wanted to travel business class and with our advice and guidance she is booking for next year.

And this is why we do what we do.  We genuinely want to help people achieve their dreams and get a great deal of satisfaction in doing so.

Personally I would like to travel around Italy – but first I have to get my husband on an plane, a big task in itself.  And like many people in their late thirties it would be a real achievement to pay off the mortgage early.

So whatever you dream about  come and talk to us.

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